Friday, March 1, 2013

December 2009

Family Picture 2009

He is so lucky to have such a wonderful big sister!

What a great smile!

November 2009

Story time!

This is still one of his favorite books!


A little game of peekaboo, and some "cuddle" time with Nate and Josh.

Movie time!

This is one of our favorite things to do as a family, watch a movie and just be close. 


Christmas Tree!

We are so impatient with decorating for Christmas that we can barely wait until after Thanksgiving!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

October 2009

Nathan's 6th grade soccer pix!

Lexi and her best friend Wendy being silly girls!

Halloween 2009

 Lexi and Josh. Josh is Hiccup from How to Train a Dragon. Lexi is an obvious pirate. :)
Lexi went to a friend Halloween party as the pirate, but for the Ward Trunk or Treat she went as a fairy. Josh is a Patriots fan, Nate is Jack Sparrow, and Martin is a Viking. And The Cat in the Hat is Donald, Martin's friend. And the Ninja is Jackson Dudley.

I found this one after making the collage!

Monday, February 4, 2013

September 2009

I love that Lexi is and always has been confident enough in herself to wear whatever fashion she wants too.

Oh and this is what was happening in the house as the kids wait for the bus....

Is he the cutest baby or what!?

You should have seen the other guy! Just kidding, this was after a service project.

Lexi's Birthday Luau Party!



This was always comical! He would lay his head on his blankie and get under the rug... silly boy!

Martin doing his favorite thing.. Homework!

Pre hair cut face

Durning hair cut face.. aww!

Baseball wasn't his sport, but that color sure looks good on him!

August 2009

Random August photos of the kiddos.

This is a game that started out with the kids chasing Josh around, now that we have a swing he still does it! His spacial recognition abilities are amazing! He hardly ever gets bumped into!

Snuggling, watching TV.

The girls, Lexi, Wendy and Courtney, made this Lightning Mcqueen out of a box for Josh!

First day of school! Martin is a Sophmore, Lexi is in 7th grade, and Nate is in 5th grade.

A rare moment!

Real smiles! WOW! Martin!

All lined up waiting for the bus.

July 2009 Random photos

And this is the draw back of not posting pictures as they happen... you forget why it was so funny! I can only figure that this was one of the first times Josh fed himself, and it appears to be icecream and it looks as though he is wearing quite a bit of it. So one or all three of those is the reason it was so comical to Lexi.

But boy is he enjoying it!


This is a friend of ours daughter, Sarah Powers with Nathan. Miss attitude! hehe

These next few are Josh's haircut photos! I can't remember if it was his first or second, but either way he is a cutie patutie! And just so it is said, he REALLY dislikes getting his hair cut!

The fake smile.. all my kids have one of these.

back view.

It's always a jungle gym at the house! Here is Nathan and Josh jumping off the couch onto some mattresses and Joshie's blankie.

getting some air with this jump! Nathan's feet!

This is Ray's step sister's baby shower.

Lexi and Josh cuteness.

Martin and his friend Don playing video games.